An Open Source Kiosk viewer for KDE.
Current Version: 0.1
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KioskBrowser is an Open Source (GPL) kiosk presentation application for use with kiosks that use HTML as their presentation layer. It is based on the amazing KHTML rendering engine used by Konqueror and Safari, as well as many other projects.

Thanks goes to Atomic Object, LLC, who funded KioskBrowser's initial development and creation. also deserves thanks for hosting the project, source code, documentation, mailing lists, and everything else that makes this project easier to manage. Logo

IMPORTANT KioskBrowser v0.1
KioskBrowser Screenshot

KioskBrowser started as a small in-house project at Atomic Object, LLC to create a thin browser for use in Kiosks. It displays and navigates HTML pages and contains an on-screen-keyboard for use in situations where the kiosk has a touch screen but no physical keyboard. KioskBrowser uses the KDE and QT libraries and runs in most modern Linux distributions.


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Initially an internal project at Atomic Object, LLC, KioskBrowser was released as an Open Source application under the GPL. In it's first release it only supports browsing HTML pages and a simple onscreen keyboard. Future releases plan to enhance the keyboard with more keys, change the look and feel of the keyboard to better suit touchscreens, and more options on how to control the keyboard.
07 Jan 2004

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